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Pardise Lakes Campgrounds has so much room for bewitching activities.


Check out our list of fun things to do and see while sampling the vast selection of broos and spirits that Witch-Craft has to offer! 

Costume Contest

COSTUMES are encouraged!! We are stoked and a little terrified to see what this year's Witch-Craft attendees will be showing up as for the 2023 Paradise Lakes Campground event on both October 13th & 14th. 

This year the cash prize pool is over $2,000 bucks (for the weekend) each category winner will receive $100! The contest will take place both Friday and Saturday with independent winners each night.  


- Best Movie Character

- Most Frightening

- Killer Looks (for all you guys and girls that want to be risque

- Best Couple Costume

- Best Group Costume

You and your monster squad can head over to SoJO 1049, Cat Country 107.1, & Lite 96.9 WFPG to sign up, they'll be located adjacent to the stage!


Drag Get Spooooky!

We are SO thrilled to be welcoming back some of the spookiest babes around! Catch Tastie, Morrigan von Haunt & E. LicksHer on the main stage tearing up the main stage on October 13th & 14th!


Let the music take over your soul and dance to your own beat at the Witch-Craft Silent Disco Join Witch-Craft DJ as they spins bewitching tunes all night long by the water's edge. Let loose and dance like no one is watching...or are they???

witchcraft programing graphics.png

Everyone loves pie! Watch (or participate) as five contestants devour an entire Pumpkin Pie in a race of ghoulish gluttony. Contestants will be plucked from the crowd and the race to the bottom of the pan is on!

On the Main Stage

Cocktails from the Crypt

Lee Sanchez of  Rhythm Spirits and bar32 chocolate gives a not so historical account of famous spirits and the elixirs that made them legends. Stop by to watch him create magic and sample some of his hair-raising creations at Witch-Craft!

Haunted Castle Maze IG 1080x1080.png

Haunted Castle Maze

Can you survive Ocean Casino Resort's haunted maze? Find your way through a haunted castle greeted by the spookiest ghouls & goblins of Paradise Lakes!

Enter if you dare!


Fire is a live breathing creature tamed by very few.  We are fortunate to welcome back to Witchcraft the mystical and mesmerizing fire antics of Helios & and Lilth.  Witness the amazing control as they commune and conquer the inferno in front of your very eyes.

The one and only CHAINSAW JENNA!

A proper Halloween party isn't complete without some #chainsaw play.  We are excited to feature Chainsaw Jenna and her insane chainsaw creations. Watch as Jenna carves Halloween-themed sculptures right in front of your very eyes (eye protection suggested)
Lindsey Noel Magic

Step into the Sorceress Circle with Magical Mind Reader Lindsey Noel! 

Come Witches, Goblins, Gremlins, Ghosts, Trolls, and Mortals! Step inside The Sorceress' Circle - a dreadfully unearthly dwelling nestled deep within the Jersey Devil's stomping grounds. National Television magician and Hollywood Magic Castle favorite Lindsey Noel awaits you there with mysterious magic, spine-tingling sleights, and macabre mind powers. You can expect short spooky shows each hour as well as the chance to suspend your senses in a multitude of mind warps as Lindsey Noel takes her #MindReadingWithMoxie to hair-raising heights.

DJ MASS aka DJ Dread Pool
The master of the mix the keeper of the vibe, and the official Spooky DJ for all things WITCH-CFAFT. 
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