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Pardise Lakes Campgrounds has so much room for bewitching activities.


Check out our list of fun things to do and see while sampling the vast selection of broos and spirits that Witch-Craft has to offer! 

1080x1920 Costume.png

Costume Contest

COSTUMES are encouraged!! We are stoked and a little terrified to see what this year's Witch-Craft attendees will be showing up as for the 2022 Paradise Lakes Campground event on both October 14th & 15th. 

This year the cash prize pool is over $2,000 bucks (for the weekend) each category winner will receive $150! The contest will take place both Friday and Saturday with independent winners each night.  

Categories to include:

• Best Horror Movie Character

• Most Frightening

• Killer Looks (this is for those of you who want to dress up in very little clothing)

• Best Witch or Warlock

• Best Group costume

• People choice (this is amongst the winners of the 6 categories)

1920 RHPS.png

Rocky Horror our way!
This isn't the Rocky Horror picture your parents showed you.  

Drag sensations Tastie, E.Licks.Her and Morrigan Von Haunt bring you the sweetest of love stories as they DRAG you through Richard O'Brien's 1975 classic in the only way they can.  Hold on to your eyelashes this is going to be wild! 

1080 Silent.png


Let the music take over your soul and dance to your own beat at the Witch-Craft Silent Disco Join Witch-Craft DJ as they spins bewitching tunes all night long by the water's edge. Let loose and dance like no one is watching...or are they???

pUMPKIN 1080.png

Everyone loves pie! Watch (or participate) as five contestants devour an entire Pumpkin Pie in a race of ghoulish gluttony. Contestants will be plucked from the crowd and the race to the bottom of the pan is on!

On the Main Stage

1080 Cocktails from the crypt.png

Cocktails from the Crypt

Lee Sanchez of  Rhythm Spirits and bar32 chocolate gives a not so historical account of famous spirits and the elixirs that made them legends. Stop by to watch him create magic and sample some of his hair-raising creations at Witch-Craft!

Who wants to get WEIRD!
Back by overwhelming demand us the Squidling Brothers Circus sideshow.  The SQUIDLING BROTHERS are an international collective of circus sideshow performers from Philadelphia, Berlin and New York. Founded by JELLY BOY (clown of danger and science) & MATTERZ SQUIDLING (the impenetrable music man). Combining their feats of wonder, skill, and comedy, the show gives audiences a fast-paced, high-risk, unforgettable experience. Taking from the American Carnival and Theater of the Absurd traditions, The Squidling Brothers have mutated the classic and the modern to create a style all their own. Since hitting the road in 2008, they have toured continuously coast to coast in the United States and overseas.

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